Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

I'm a qualified Reiki Master, Energetic Healing Master and Holistic Wellness Coach. I'm originally from the UK, have two children and live in Sydney's Northern Beaches. My name is Ruth.

Qualifications & Areas of Study


Combining these techniques creates a complete and holistic solution to clients' "dis-ease" that cares for mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, which in turn influence the physical body.

These skills I trained for, and others I was born with. I intuit feelings and sensitivities, and see in the body where causes of suffering can be cleared.

I’m a critical thinker and love “scientifically proven” knowledge and healing methods! For physical pains and illness, many people find symptom relief is only a temporary cure because our bodies are a reflection of our stored emotions. These energetic blockages disrupt the physical body’s ability to maintain health, and symptoms may reappear or manifest in another way, preventing us living a full, free and happy life.

There are many studies which prove the link between our mental, emotional and physical health systems, and on an energetic level quantum physics has shown our bodies and the entire universe are made purely of energy. Scientists in recent years are becoming more and more intrigued by “alternative” modalities, with exciting studies proving the efficacy of many techniques. This ancient wisdom is in fact so effective it has withstood the test of time with over 5,000 (known) years of practice, and globally today more than 50% of people rely on alternative medicine to optimise their health.

While all the research and case studies are fascinating, the ultimate proof of efficacy for me comes from what I witness. I’m happier than I’ve ever been since I started energetic healing - negative thinking and worries just don’t hang around anymore! - and I cure myself of physical pains when they arise by asking my body is to show me the message I need to hear, and then release what I need to. Usually within minutes I’m free of the pain.

I would love to help you live this way too! See below for some options.

Love, Ruth