Groupon Offers: Energetic Balance, Cleanse & Clearing

Groupon Offers: Energetic Balance, Cleanse & Clearing

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These 60 minute healing sessions will give you greater control over thoughts, emotions & situations that arise; improve physical conditions; and help you feel more grounded, safe and confident.

Option 1: Chakra & Energetic Body Balance & Clearing

People come to Energetic Healing and Chakra Balancing to:

  • Release emotions & stress
  • Have greater control over their thoughts & communication
  • Increase their sense of clarity & purpose
  • Improve physical symptoms

Imagine living with a clear sense of control over your life, able to respond to difficult situations calmly with ease, and experience joy, love and satisfaction every day.


Option 2: Guided Healing Meditation & Aura Cleanse

A journey to healing and energetic realignment which helps particularly with:

  • Physical symptoms
  • Emotional release

By tuning into your body we can find the areas of tension, stuck energies and emotions, and treat them.

Our aura (energetic body) is connected to the physical body via our Chakras, and influences the corresponding body part positively when cleared, balanced and revitalised. When there is negative energy lingering in our aura, it can lead to physical poor health, persistent worries or depression.


 About Me

Hello :) I'm a qualified Reiki Master, Energetic Healing Master and Holistic Wellness Coach, and I would love to lift you mentally, emotionally and physically to the best you can be. My name is Ruth. 

I specialise in releasing stuck emotions, worries, negative thoughts and physical symptoms too.

Energetic healing brings calm, clarity and a greater sense of control over your thoughts, stress and how you respond to difficult situations. It also facilitiates deep healing for the physical body. I channel the following energies: 

Reiki (Master, Level 3)

  • A dense energy channeled from the Earth
  • You may feel heat, a subtle heaviness and tingling

Ashati (Master, Level 3)

  • A light, golden white energy of a very fine vibration
  • Feels like a silky soft energetic cuddle!

Alsemia (Level 3)

  • "Called" from nature, similar to crystal healing
  • Can be felt as a wave throughout the whole body, absorbing where it's most needed

I also use modern proven coaching methods to create a happier experience of life for my clients.

This is a place for you to feel cared for, nourished and honoured.

Ruth :)

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