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Three sessions to use whenever you feel the time is right. Regular healing keeps our energy positive, facilitating happiness and abundance. Increase resilience, motivation and vitality; experience deeper calm and control over thoughts and emotions; improve sleep; release stress. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I’ve now had 2 reiki sessions with Ruth and both have been absolutely amazing experiences!"
Matt, Freshwater

With three energy healings we can peel back more layers, balancing and clearing deeper energetic pathways created by life events, repeating patterns and emotions the body is holding on to. You may have symptoms caused by difficult experiences - past or present - and by resetting your energetic body and reminding the physical body what peace and tranquility feel like, you can create distance from the negative effects of these events.

The effects increase each session:

  • Calmer thoughts & emotions
  • Creates distance & protection from negative influences/events  
  • Greater sense of control over your life & thoughts
  • Increased feelings of personal power & happiness

Ashati, Alsemia & Reiki are transformative healing energies which restore and nourish mental, emotional and physical health by unblocking stuck energies. Energetic healing has successfully treated people with many different conditions for thousands of years and recently modern science has shown relaxation techniques improve our physical, mental and emotional health.

- Anxiety & depression
- Insomnia & exhaustion
- Stress
Trauma & difficult experiences
- Physical aches & pains
- Digestive disorders
- Autoimmune conditions

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I could feel the energy transmitting and I was completely relaxed and had no worries on my mind. The combination of energy, positive mindset and relaxation stayed with me for some time. It was a great experience that I want to repeat."
Dagmar, Cromer

What happens during an energy healing:

The energy healer places hands either in your aura or directly on the body, starting with the seven main Chakras and then intuitively in areas where healing is required to clear any heavy, stagnant and negative energies. Most people feel these areas too during the session, and we will talk about what they could be and ways you can continue your healing at home.

This is a beautifully relaxing technique which people can feel during the treatment, sometimes really powerfully. Tingles, waves of energy, physical lightness, out of body experiences...!

Ashati, Alsemia and Reiki energetic healing continues for hours or even days after, and usually takes about a week for the body and mind to integrate the new energies. You may experience old memories and emotions resurfacing as they come up to clear. The layers may need unveiling through several sessions, and as you go through the process you'll experience more peace and serenity, a greater sense of calm and control over your life, and ultimately improve long term physical, emotional and mental health.

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