Chakra Healing: Heart Chakra | Anahata

Chakra Healing: Heart Chakra | Anahata

"I Love"

The condition of the Heart Chakra (Anahata) is often the easiest to feel as it is an energetic, emotional and physical centrepoint. When this Chakra needs healing, we experience quite clear physical signs - heaviness, pain, tightness, etc. Our Heart Chakras hold the connection to the Astral Dimensions, and also connects the Lower and Higher Energetic Bodies. Chakra therapy for the Anahata Chakra influences and improves compassion, balance, mindfulness, relationships, and joy.

Anahata | Heart Chakra
Energetic Body: Connective Astral Body
Sense: Touch
God: Lord Rudra
Colour: Green, Pink
Sound: Yam
Element: Air
Moon: Full and New
Zodiac: Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Taurus
Physical Connection: Heart, circulatory system, lungs, shoulders, arms, diaphragm, immune system, skin, upper back

Energetic Healing for the Heart Chakra

Our Heart Chakra is the gateway to giving and receiving love, one of our most basic needs for living with happiness. The importance of having a healthy balance in this Chakra cannot be overestimated. When our hearts are open we experience meaningful, nourishing relationships with others; we feel compassion, joy and connectedness; and most importantly we value and cherish ourselves.

Anahata is a Chakra which most people get incredible, life-changing benefits from Energetic Healing and Chakra Balancing. Childhood experiences, difficult friendships and romantic partnerships, grief and loss all influence the health of our Heart Chakra. The effects can often be felt physically with a "heavy heart", tightness in the chest, numbness etc. Other signs your Heart Chakra needs clearing include chest infections, anxiety, poor immune response, problems with shoulders or poor circulation.

Emotionally, when the Heart Chakra needs Energetic Healing, you could have difficulty trusting others and forming intimate relationships; low self esteem and a negative self image; lack of compassion for self and others, and generally feel life is void of positive experiences.

Chakra Healing is particularly recommended as a clearing and healing process if you've had a relationship end or experienced loss or grief.

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Connecting to the Heart Chakra

Experience life with love, inviting more happiness and positivity into your life by connecting to and opening your Heart Chakra. It's one of the easiest to connect to! Introduce these elements to your meditation practice, or keep them close to remind you throughout the day to call love to your heart.

Top tip: to open Anahata, think of something you're grateful for. This will invite that warm feeling to your heart, and all you need to do is focus on this feeling, absorbing and imprinting it in your body to carry throughout the day. Another trick is to imagine catching the eye of someone who loves you from across a room, and that magic moment where their love sparkles in their eyes will open your Heart Chakra! Can definitely be your dog.

Crystals: Aventurine, bloodstone, emerald, fluorite, jade, rose quartz, malachite, peridot
Essential Oils: Sandalwood, rose, cedarwood
Herbs: Gardenia, jasmine, lavender, rose, spikenard, thyme, saffron
Metal: Gold
Trees: Apple, mimosa, spruce, walnut


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