Collection: Benefits of Reiki Energetic Healing & Chakra Clearing

People come to Energetic Healing and Chakra Balancing to:

  • Get support with life's challenges
  • Release emotions & stress
  • Have greater control over your thoughts & communication
  • Increase your sense of clarity & purpose
  • Improve physical symptoms - sleep, pain, chronic/recurring conditions
  • Reconnect to yourself

Imagine living with a clear sense of control over your life, able to respond to difficult situations calmly and with ease, and experience happiness, love and satisfaction every day.

Modern science has proven what ancient wisdom has known and practiced for thousands of years: our mental, emotional and physical health are deeply integrated, and rely intrinsically upon one another for each to function well. Techniques such as Reiki healing are widely practiced to improve all kinds of conditions from anxiety and insomnia to digestive disorders and skin issues, by addressing the underlying causes.

Often modern medicine neglects to treat the cause and focuses simply on symptom suppression, creating a cycle of recurring issues or an array of new symptoms as each is temporarily "cured"

The body keeps the score of all our experiences, and symptoms of trauma and stuck emotions can present physically, mentally and emotionally. Reiki energy healing and relaxation therapy therefore can assist with many different symptoms, such as:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress, worries
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches and pain
  • Digestive issues, IBS
  • Autoimmune disorders

By tuning into your body with an Energy Healer we can find the areas of tension, stuck energies and emotions, and through channeling Reiki Energy, release them. The Chakras - which connect our energetic bodies to the physical body - transfer this cleared and revitalised energy to the corresponding part of the body which requires attention, helping the area function better.

Energy healing should be seen as part of a healing journey, but not substituted for medical attention if it is required.

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