Energetic Healing (Chakra Balance, Reiki, Ashati & Alsemia Energies)

Energetic Healing (Chakra Balance, Reiki, Ashati & Alsemia Energies)

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Find out where and why your body is holding onto emotions, thoughts and physical symptoms.

A profound healing session to release and reset.

  • Discover & release energetic blocks to positively influence the endocrine system (hormones, emotions), nervous system & physical body
  • Reduce stress so you feel in control, calm & aligned with your inner strength
  • Take your body to a deeply meditative state where deep healing takes place

Improves all kinds of issues from anxiety, insomnia and stress to physical conditions such as pain, inflammation, skin issues and other symptoms.

I work with a blend of transformative energies and modern healing techniques which take the body to a deeply relaxed state where we restore and nourish all parts of you - mentally, emotionally and physically. You will feel capable, positive and supported, able to thrive even in the most difficult circumstances.  

How it works
Energetic healing in a deeply comforting, safe space combined with other techniques enables you to release, recover and revitalise by healing every part of your entire being. The approach to happiness and health must be holistic as our physical, emotional, mental and energetic systems work synergistically and intrinsically together, interwoven to influence one another. 

Physically - the body is taken to a deeply relaxed state where cells can switch from a protection state (when we're stressed, anxious, upset)to a growth state (release, rest and heal). Our bodies are designed to automate the protection state, but releasing stress hormones is something we need to do consciously.

Emotionally - we give the endocrine system the opportunity to rest in a blissful state, and while the body is relaxed at a cellular level, stress hormones (emotions) can clear from the body. 

Mentally - you will feel heard and understood, and learn ways to channel higher guidance which releases unhelpful patterns. Discover you can let go of thoughts you no longer need or are not helpful to you, and have clarity and purpose for your highest good.

Energetically - see below ✨

Reiki & Ashati Energy Healing
Reiki, Ashati & Alsemia energies are channeled to flow into the aura and body, usually starting with the seven main Chakras and then intuitively in areas where healing is required to clear any heavy, stagnant and negative energies. Most people feel these areas too during the session, and we will talk about what they could be and ways you can continue your healing at home.

This is a beautifully relaxing technique which people can feel during the treatment, sometimes really powerfully. Tingles, waves of energy, physical lightness, out of body experiences...!

Ashati, Alsemia and Reiki energetic healing continues for hours or even days after, and usually takes about a week for the body and mind to integrate the new energies. You may experience old memories and emotions resurfacing as they come up to clear. The layers may need unveiling through several sessions, and as you go through the process you'll experience more peace and serenity, a greater sense of calm and control over your life, and ultimately improve long term physical, emotional and mental health.


Energetic healing is wonderful for all kinds of challenges such as - 

  • Anxiety & depression
  • Insomnia & exhaustion
  • Stress
  • Trauma & difficult experiences
  • Physical aches & pains
  • Digestive disorders
  • Autoimmune conditions

And also - perhaps most important to prevent symptoms even ocurring - when you just want to feel some love! 🩶

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

She has a special gift and I would recommend her to anyone.

Highly recommend her

I've been taking a Reiki session once a week for the last 2 months and I find it truly helpful in my day a day, I can feel myself in a better space, life is more enjoyable lately. It's incredibly what Ruth can do, I'm very grateful to her

What an AMAZING experience and healing

I found Ruth on google and I had a very good feeling about her, without knowing anything about her.
Ruth knows her stuff. We had a chat beforehand and she knew exactly what type of healing I needed.
I felt so welcome at her studio and so connected with her, it was beautiful.
After our session I was floating and my heart & soul full of love and calmness.
I am still feeling it, even after a few days.
Seriously, it works like a magic and I can't wait for my next session.
Thank you so much Ruth💓

Nicola B

I ve done 4 sessions now and it’s amazing, every time I feel relaxed afterwards, every time I reset myself and I feel I can handle everything I’m dealing with.

Thank you

I don't know what to say but my right shoulder is much better - loved the session yesterday ❤️ 👏🏼 🌺"