Chakra Healing: Third Eye Chakra | Ajna

Chakra Healing: Third Eye Chakra | Ajna

"I See"

The six Chakra, Ajna, is located in the centre of the forehead just above the brows. It is commonly known as the Third Eye Chakra. From here we access divine consciousness, enlightenment, wisdom and spirituality. This Chakra connects us to higher influences and helps guide us towards the path of the highest good.

Ajna | Third Eye Chakra
Energetic Body: Higher Emotional Body
Sense: Intuition
God: Guru
Colour: Indigo
Sound: Om
Physical Connection: Pituitary gland, brain, eyes, ears, nose, face

Energetic Healing for the Third Eye Chakra

Well known as a helpful focal point for meditation, Ajna is an important Chakra for accssing our intuition and inner vision, through connecting to the Higher Emotional Body. Thereby it facilitates accurate interpretation, better decision-making and deeper understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us. When balanced, we feel in control of our lives and less likely to make impulsive, emotional decisions.

When this Chakra is out of balance or blocked in some way, your mind may feel fuzzy, plagued with uncertainty and it will be really challenging to make decisions and feel confident you're doing the right thing. You'll be more aware of emotional factors that can cloud your judgement, hinder clear thinking and you may feel like you can't move forward. This puts pressure on your nervous system and can lead to anxiety, insomnia and symptoms of stress.

Physically you might experience sinus issues, problems with eyes and ears, and other conditions symptomatic around the face

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Connecting to the Third Eye Chakra

Opening the connection to Ajna improves your intuition, creates mental clarity and opens the mind to explicit knowledge. Faciliate the connection with the following elements when meditating, or whenever you wish to seek guidance.

Crystals: Amethyst, angelite, blue lace agate, celestite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, sodalite
Essential Oils: Geranium, lavender, rosemary, spearmint
Herbs: Honeysuckle, mugwort, St Johns wort, violet 
Trees: Apple, mimosa, spruce, walnut


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