Reiki Healing for Chakras & Energy Bodies

Reiki Healing for Chakras & Energy Bodies

Our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies work together in a highly intrinsic system, and understanding the relationships between each is essential for optimal health and wellbeing. Modern science is catching up with ancient knowledge, with many research studies proving these links and increasing trust in what we currently call "alternative" healing techniques, such as Reiki and Chakra Healing.

The Chakra System

The Chakra System was developed in India, sometime between 500 BC and 1500 BC, and describes our seven main energy centres in the body. Each Chakra has its own colour, and can be seen as a spinning disk or "vortex" which expands outwards, and also contains smaller vortexes spinning within.

At this stage in our human development, it is thought most of us are connecting to just the first 3 lower Chakras - Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras - for our day-to-day enjoyment of life, decision-making, emotional guidance and mental processing. Access to higher levels of consciousness provides a greater sense of intuition, control over your life, clarity, better decision-making and emotional responses.

Access to higher levels can come through many practices such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual development, and many other daily things you can implement. Here's a list!

The Chakra System connects our physical body to our "Energy Bodies", or "Aura".

Energy Bodies | The Aura

The Aura is made up of several Energy Bodies, all with their own function and purpose. Each main Chakra connect to a specific Energy Body, acting as a channel which transmits energy to our physical body, the brain and the conscious mind, and provides access to different levels of thoughts and consciousness.

Each Energy Body within the Aura operates both independently and interconnectedly, in that they have specific functions but also affect and influence one another.

The Aura is present within and extends beyond our physical bodies. It can be seen as beautiful glowing colours, and Reiki Healers are trained to see any areas which require healing. Usually these are discoloured, dark, patterned, heavy or visibly unhealthy energies. It is also possible to feel the Aura with your hands - sometimes as heat, resistance, pressure or as "denser air" around your body.

Etheric Body | Root Chakra 

The Root Chakra, Muladhara, connects to the Etheric Body, which is an exact replication of every part of our physical body but in energetic form. Its main purpose is to act as an energy template or "matrix" for the development, maintenance and repair of the physical body.

The Etheric Body exists within the physical body, influencing the body's balance and development with a vibrating counterpart for every organ, bone, blood vessel etc. Whatever originates in this Energy Body will be reflected in the physical body, so clearing negative or blocked energy helps with illness, disease, aches and pains.

Trauma to the physical body (broken bones for example) will also be reflected in the Etheric Body. Energetic healing, clearing and balancing is therefore import to assist with preventing future symptoms.

Lower Emotional Body | Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the source of our enjoyment of life - our passion, desires, creativity and inner child - which makes perfect sense as the connection to our Lower Emotional Body. It follows the general shape our physical body but extends outwards a few centimetres as an energetic glow containing "clouds" of various colours. These colours represent emotions, and when in a healthy state will flow fluidly, appearing and disappearing with ease.   

Repressed emotions become stagnant "clouds", and because our Energy Bodies are interconnected will most likely affect the Etheric Body too, potentially leading to physical discomfort and disease if the Lower Emotional Body isn't cleared and balanced (eg with Chakra Healing).

Lower Mental Body | Solar Plexus Chakra

The Lower Mental Body influences the creation of thoughts and beliefs and is connected to our brain and consciousness via the Solar Plexus Chakra (the Manipura Chakra). This Chakra is where we access personal power, determination and our sense of control, and the energetic health of this Chakra and the Lower Mental Body has a corresponding affect on our mental health. 

This Energy Body is made of very fine energies and structures, extending outwards from the physical body and beyond the Lower Emotional Body too. Individual thoughts can be seen as blobs of light, varying in colour and intensity.

Our Lower Emotional Body and Lower Mental Body have a strong connection and directly affect one another. An easy way to understand this relationship is to look at the physical body's version of these two energy bodies: the brain (thoughts) and endocrine system (hormones aka emotions). Most thoughts trigger an emotional response, and many emotions create thoughts and beliefs.

Repressed mental energies present similarly to repressed emotions as dark, heavy and stagnant energy clouds which create imbalances. Negative mental energy can be responsible for the process of suppressing emotional energies, for example, if an emotion is too painful for us to process, our thoughts can intellectualise it, push it from our minds and out of conscious thought. The emotion usually remains however, but unprocessed forms dark energy and can lead to mental, emotional and physical illness.

Ashati & Reiki Energy Healing work directly on rebalancing and releasing stuck energy, allowing you to live free from the mental and emotional impact of past trauma. Alsemia energy works on improving physical health, and combined these three energies tackle the cause and symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive issues, chronic aches and pain.

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Connective Astral Body | Heart Chakra

The Connective Body is a very important connection between our Lower and Higher Energy Bodies, and is linked to the physical body via the Heart Chakra (Anahata in Sanskrit). It looks similar to the Lower Emotional Body but is larger and with more pastel and colourful energies. These higher emotions are often linked to our important relationships, and to aspects of ourselves.

When the connection is balanced and energy is flowing fluidly, we're able to access higher mental and emotional influences. We feel guidance from a "higher source", are more in control of our emotions and thoughts, and feel a deeper sense of peace - literally in our hearts quite often.

Inner guidance from the Connective Astral Body can help us find our life's mission (sometimes called your "dharma" - the purpose of your life which if fulfilled will bring you absolute satisfaction) and the drive to achieve it. 

When this Energy Body is holding stagnant energy it creates confusion, difficulty making decisions that are truly aligned to your highest good, and the inner conflict can lead to missed opportunities, feelings of underachieving, lack of motivation, and anxiety or depression. 

Soul Body | Throat Chakra

This wonderful Energy Body is the Soul Body - an important aspect of the true "you" at a higher spiritual level. When the connection is open and clear, the knowledge and influence of the Soul provides incredible comfort to us. It is structured similarly to the Etheric and Physical Bodies, taking the familiar shape of our human form (which may explain the sightings of ghosts after death of the physical body!) 

We are thought to have our Soul and also a Spirit, and accessing these is possible through Energy Healing, Chakra clearing, practicing mindfulness, meditation and other energetic techniques. 

The "higher" our connections go, the more at peace we feel, in control of thoughts and how we behave, with a deeper understanding of our physical world. When the connection is inhibited, we're stuck in our lower Energy Bodies and are more susceptible to negative thoughts and experiences.

Higher Emotional Body | Third Eye Chakra

Our Higher Emotional Body is fluid and amorphous, surrounding the physical body with predominantly indigo and purple shades similar to the Lower Emotional Body but more pastel. At this stage in our human development very few people have conscious access to this Energy Body, but the influence is present on the Soul and physical bodies on an emotional level.

Healing the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) helps connect us to the Higher Emotional Body. When this Chakra is clear and the Energy Body functioning well, we feel balanced, calm, and in control of our reactions to events, memories and people. When emotional understanding of situations increases, alongside improved empathy for others, the relationships with self and others benefit massively, and we can enjoy a deeper sense of connection, security and love. 

Higher Mental Body | Crown Chakra

Similar to the Higher Emotional Body, the Higher Mental Body influences us on a subconscious level, affecting our mental processes through the other Energy Bodies described above. Clearing the Crown Chakra and moving stuck or negative energy in the Higher Mental Body allows us to make better decisions inline with our true highest good, improves intuition and provides access to higher. thoughts and perspectives.

This body is made of white and golden light of a very high frequency which cascades outwards from the physical body, forming the most beautiful pearly white glow all around us. 

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