Ashati, Alsemia & Reiki Energetic Healing

For thousands of years people have successfully healed all kinds of conditions by channeling energy to clear Chakras and release stuck energy. This beautiful process facilitates health, restores vitality, creates mental clarity and peace in mind and body.

When we consider that our bodies and everything around us is literally made purely of energy at the quantum level, it makes perfect sense to heal with energetic techniques such as Reiki.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is energy channeled from the Earth and projected into the body's energy pathways through the healer's hands. The energy flows into Chakras, along meridian lines and into organs and body systems, providing deep relaxation and healing. An intuitive healer can see and feel areas to focus on, and in this way Reiki can heal all kinds of conditions that affect the body and the mind such as anxiety, depression, stress, aches, pains and other physical symptoms.

With its lower vibration, Reiki energy is denser and easier to feel than some other energies, and is often experienced as heat or tingling.

Ashati Healing Energy

Similar to Reiki, Ashati is a lesser-known but incredibly effective healing energy. Ashati naturally helps to speed up emotional and mental healing (thereby also positively affecting physical health too), by assisting us in letting go of past trauma, negative experiences and limiting thoughts. It can be felt as a light, airy energy with a very fine vibration which brings joy and peace, and is often  seen as an exquisitely beautiful, soft and gentle white light.

It's been shown by modern science that emotional trauma impacts the physical body (for example, people with PTSD are far more likely to experience physical illnesses). Clearing stuck emotions associated with trauma and negative experiences helps the body and mind find peace, happiness and health.


Alsemia focuses on our physical health, clearing the body's energy pathways and providing specific energies to help the muscles, organs and body tissues get closer to their optimal state, thereby improving health. 

It can work in a similar way to crystal healing, in that the energy is "called" from a specific object or entity. We can use the healing properties from anything in nature, for example plants, flowers, animals, the ocean, and crystals too. The healer chooses which energies are required for the best and highest good for the person receiving the healing.

Alsemia energy can be felt as a wave flowing through the body, tingly and sometimes really intense for a few moments, and then lessening as the energy is absorbed into areas of the body where it's needed.

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